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Today’s Floortime Session and a Breakthrough

Today we finally managed to get together with our DIRFloortime Practitioner for a session after too many weeks of illness on both sides. The Session We began by watching a video from the previous session, where we were playing with … Continue reading

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Fear of Missing Out: The Summer Files

In case you hadn’t noticed, today is the 31th of July. Tomorrow it’ll be August, and when August is gone (and I have no doubt that it will speed by) it will be September and Wee Girl will have started … Continue reading

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Reasons to be Cheerful #6

Previous reasons to be cheerful, 1|2|3|4|5 Yet another iffy week unfortunately, with the sprogs and Paul coming down with a short-lived vomiting bug, followed by general badtemperedness, all of which has combined to make this a challenging week. Today has … Continue reading

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Attack of The Whinge Monster

Before I begin, I should stress how lucky we are. Many parents of children with ASD have to deal with meltdowns on a weekly or daily basis, and if you’re not familiar with what a meltdown is, it’s a bit … Continue reading

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The Liebster Award

Thanks to 4under4madness for my nomination. The Liebster Award is a fun little set of questions designed to help people get to know bloggers a bit better. So without any further ado, here are the questions that I’ve been set: … Continue reading

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Food Plan: 26/07/15 – 01/08/15

Chicken pot-roasted in milk, bay and nutmeg (From A Bird in the Hand, by Diana Henry) Served with roasted tomatoes and garlic, rocket salad and bulghur wheat & Apple tart and custard for pudding Monday Sausages and mash, with peas … Continue reading

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Why I’m Glad When Anti-Breastfeeding Stories Hit the Headlines

Disclaimer: This post is in no way intended as a criticism of people who formula-feed. I formula-fed my daughter because of reasons, so I have a foot in both camps. Whether you breastfeed or bottlefeed what matters is whether you … Continue reading

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Encouraging Engagement – Five Silly Games I play with my child with ASD

We did have a Floortime session planned for today (which I was planning to blog about), but unfortunately with Wee Girl not being well, I’ve had to cancel it. She’s not at her best, and I didn’t want to take … Continue reading

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Reasons to be Cheerful #5

Another week and I’m not feeling particularly thankful or cheerful. This is a house of lurgy today; just scrawl a red cross on our door and have done with it. Wee Girl was sick in the night, and this morning … Continue reading

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The (Dare)Devil Child

Wee Girl has always been a climber, but that’s only the beginning of the story. She climbs, she swings, she flips upside down. She does whatever she can do to keep her body in motion at all times. At the … Continue reading

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