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I’ve gone self-hosted

After talking about it and talking about it, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and gone self-hosted. My new blog can be found at: Hop over and see me there. Advertisements

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Meal Plan: 20/09/15 – 26/09/15

Another quiet week blogging-wise, but we’ve just been getting on with cooking and eating. The noodle soup and the mussels have both been bumped to this week, although the noodle soup was meant to use up the other half of … Continue reading

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How to Get ‘Free’ Stuff for Your New Blog Without Brand Contacts

Are you a new blogger and want to start doing reviews on your blog? In theory, you could just buy something for review, or just review the things you would be buying anyway, but perhaps money is tight and nothing … Continue reading

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An Hour in the Life of a Parent Blogger

Have you heard about the new linky over at Mummy Tries yet? It’s a different kind of linky, one where you are expected to share posts rather than commenting on them. Reneé talks about linky fatigue, and that’s something that … Continue reading

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Things my Daughter has Taught Me: Autism Quotients and the Broader Autism Phenotype

One of the consequences of Wee Girl’s diagnosis of autism is that it has made me reconsider myself in a new light. While no one really understands what causes autism, it is clear that there is a genetic factor involved. … Continue reading

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Cauliflower and Macaroni Blue Cheese Soup

I mentioned a few posts back that I had restarted my journey to lose weight. I love soup at any time, but particularly at lunchtime, because they are filling, often packed with veg in a way that a sandwich can … Continue reading

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CBeebies and Special Needs: Why the BBC Must NEVER Axe CBeebies

This week parents across the country were rocked by the horrifying news that the BBC could consider axeing CBeebies, their channel aimed at preschool children. Cue lots of blog posts and the #savecbeebies hashtag on Twitter about how mums and … Continue reading

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Meal Plan: 13/09/15 – 19/09/15

I had a bit of a quiet week last week, blogging-wise, and didn’t post the meal plan for the week, but that doesn’t mean we weren’t eating well. We had a gorgeous bit of roast pork on the Sunday, and … Continue reading

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Cooking With Children: Honey and Soy Chicken Kebabs

One of the most educational activities you can do with your child is cooking, but so often that seems to mean baking biscuits or cookies and cake. That’s fine every now and then, but doesn’t teach them about how to … Continue reading

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Our Tiger Haul

Have you ever been into a branch of Tiger? It’s one of those shops that sells things you never knew you wanted until you see them. Like Clas Ohlson or Lakeland. Going in can be a bit risky. Everything is … Continue reading

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