Our Tiger Haul

Our Tiger Haul @allpastmidnightHave you ever been into a branch of Tiger? It’s one of those shops that sells things you never knew you wanted until you see them. Like Clas Ohlson or Lakeland. Going in can be a bit risky. Everything is excellent value, but then you get to the till and find out you’ve somehow managed to spend twenty quid on tealights and novelty cake tins.

It’s a great place for picking up the bits and pieces for your bucket session if you do Attention Autism. I find it’s great for sensory stuff as well, and I picked up a few things for Wee Girl to play with.

  • A 3D shape modeller – She picked up the display model and refused to put it down, carrying it all around the shop with her. So that was a must-buy, and it was only Ā£3. Bargain. She’s even progressed to using it on her face. She loves the sound and the feel of it, and I’ve even started showing her how to make letters on it.
  • A cardboard castle – A crafty thing for us to play at putting together, building her attention span and giving us a chance to work on fine motor skills and communication. And who knows, possibly even some imaginative play if we’re lucky.
  • A magnetic dress-up doll – Lovely idea. It has plenty of dress-up options and comes with a little pouch to hold everything. Unlike paper dolls, it’s easy for Wee Girl to play with without tearing the clothes or the doll.
  • A mix and max faces sticker book – To build on Wee Girl’s interest in drawing people and faces


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Hi, I'm Alison, I am a mid-thirties mum to two children, Little Man and Wee Girl. Wee Girl is pre-verbal and has autism, while Little Man is the sort of happy chatty little guy who gets into everything and sings at the top of his lungs ā€” until the moment he makes eye contact with a stranger and he goes silent. I am cynical, sweary, and a bit disorganised, and I blog about parenting, ASD, food and just about anything else I can think of. Feel free to follow me on any of my social media. I can also be contacted by email at allpastmidnight [at] outlook [dot] com.
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18 Responses to Our Tiger Haul

  1. Tink's Mum says:

    Oh good grief! I’d never heard of Tiger, and now you’ve made me go to the website…

    • Ahha, sorry. On the plus side I don’t think they sell online, do they? (maybe I’m wrong and they do, but I’m not going back to check, lol) It is one of those fascinating stores that you can just wander around, great for all those little bits and pieces to keep the kids occupied.

      • Tink's Mum says:

        No, they don’t sell online, which is probably a blessing in disguise. Just means I’ll have to pay a visit to Merry Hell sometime soon…

  2. Living With The Mess says:

    I’ve never heard of Tiger before, and looking on their website there’s a branch not too far away in a shopping centre we go to sometimes. I think it’s a bit dangerous, this stuff looks great and I’m in my last 3 months of maternity leave (i.e. I get paid nothing!) so will have to avoid it until December. Talking of which, could be a good place for presents (not mentioning the C word yet!!) #JustAnotherLinky

  3. I’ve not heard of Tiger but it sounds great

  4. Mrs Tubbs says:

    We love Tiger, they have some great stuff. Must remember to visit our local one next time I walk past it. Have a lovely week šŸ™‚ #bigfatlinky

  5. Beth says:

    Never heard of Tiger before but it looks great! will take a look later on tonight !!

    Thanks so much for linking up with #justanotherlinky

  6. These all sounds great – especially the castle! Thanks for sharing on #justanotherlinky xx

  7. hannah mum's days says:

    I haven’t heard of Tiger either??!! How funny. Sounds like it’s probably a good thing if you end up buying half the shop. Sounds like a trip around IKEA. It doesn’t seem to matter what you go in for, you still end up spend a minimum of Ā£50! xx Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

    • It’s quite a bit like Ikea actually, that jumble of really unusual items that just suddenly seem perfect even though you’d never considered them before. And although everything’s cheap, the cost mounts up.

  8. martynkitney says:

    These sound fab. I’ve never heard of it. Will take a look now. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week

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