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Things my Daughter has Taught Me: Autism Quotients and the Broader Autism Phenotype

One of the consequences of Wee Girl’s diagnosis of autism is that it has made me reconsider myself in a new light. While no one really understands what causes autism, it is clear that there is a genetic factor involved. … Continue reading

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CBeebies and Special Needs: Why the BBC Must NEVER Axe CBeebies

This week parents across the country were rocked by the horrifying news that the BBC could consider axeing CBeebies, their channel aimed at preschool children. Cue lots of blog posts and the #savecbeebies hashtag on Twitter about how mums and … Continue reading

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Our Tiger Haul

Have you ever been into a branch of Tiger? It’s one of those shops that sells things you never knew you wanted until you see them. Like Clas Ohlson or Lakeland. Going in can be a bit risky. Everything is … Continue reading

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All About My Son: Siblings of Children with Autism

Sometimes it seems like I spend a lot of time talking about Wee Girl on this blog and never about Little Man. I’m sorry for that, because Little Man is just as important in his own way, and sometimes it … Continue reading

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Floortime Session: Activities to Boost Engagement

On Friday we had another session with our Floortime consultant. It went well, despite Wee Girl’s changeable mood. The activities we tried included: Blowing bubbles #1. We put some water in a bowl with a bit of washing up liquid … Continue reading

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On Autism and Bullying: a plea to parents of Neurotypical Children

Today I tookk the day off blogging and took Wee Girl and Little Man on a trip to Battersea Park Children’s Zoo, a small zoo located in… yep, you guessed it, Battersea Park. They have a selection of smaller animals … Continue reading

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Colour With Mum: A Review

Have you become aware of the adult colouring book craze yet? I’m willing to bet you have: adult colouring books are everywhere at the moment, stacked high in bookshops alongside packs of scented pens, stuffed into the magazine racks at … Continue reading

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Tips for baking with your pre-verbal child

We’re making lemon and lime muffins in this post, the recipe for which can be found here. Wee Girl is fascinated by cooking. When I make scrambled eggs for lunch she insists on pushing the stool up to the side … Continue reading

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‘But How do You Know What She Wants?’

“But how do you know what she wants?” It’s one of those questions that parents of non or pre-verbal children are asked over and over again. I heard it again recently, when I called up to enquire about the possibility … Continue reading

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Spiders in the Rain: A Moment with Wee Girl

Incy Wincy spider climbed up the water spout Down came the rain… You all kow that nursery rhyme right? I do it with with Wee Girl, drumming my fingers on her head at ‘Down came the rain’. She does it … Continue reading

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