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Little Man, Big Steps: Watching my Son Grow Up

Sometimes it seems like Little Man is getting bigger every day. At the library he spent a good ten minutes practising walking properly up the steps without holding on to anything. But he’s not quite confident enough to risk going … Continue reading

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First Day at School

Well, it’s been an up and down kind of day. We all had what was possibly the worst night’s sleep EVER. Wee Girl must have been listening when I said she would be going to school today, because she woke … Continue reading

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Catch-up: The Night Before the First Day at School

It’s here at last: tomorrow is Wee Girl’s first day at school. Well, I say ‘day’, but in fact I’m only taking her in for an hour, and I will be staying there with her, but even so it’s a … Continue reading

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All About My Son: Siblings of Children with Autism

Sometimes it seems like I spend a lot of time talking about Wee Girl on this blog and never about Little Man. I’m sorry for that, because Little Man is just as important in his own way, and sometimes it … Continue reading

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A Day-trip to Eastbourne and a Catch-up

I’d been meaning to take the kids on a trip to the beach, and with the temperature on Saturday expected to soar up to 26 degrees, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to wring some fun out of the summer … Continue reading

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A Long Day Out: Trip to Wimbledon and Deen City Farm

So from a nightmare yesterday to a really lovely family trip out, what a difference a day makes. Despite an awful lot of walking, Wee Girl was smiles and sunshine, nary a grump to be seen. Little Man was less … Continue reading

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Our Week in One Photo

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My Breastfeeding Experiences: Of Failure and Success

Right from the start, I knew I wanted to breastfeed my children. It was just a given, something that I knew I would do because… Well, it’s just something you do, isn’t it? My mother had always been very vocal … Continue reading

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