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Yes, I Am That Woman in the Supermarket

We’ve all seen her. Many of us have even been her. The woman whose kids make you feel just that little better about your own spawn, who, thank Christ, seem to be behaving themselves. For once. I’ve seen her myself. … Continue reading

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Spiders in the Rain: A Moment with Wee Girl

Incy Wincy spider climbed up the water spout Down came the rain… You all kow that nursery rhyme right? I do it with with Wee Girl, drumming my fingers on her head at ‘Down came the rain’. She does it … Continue reading

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My Week in One Photo: The Spaghetti Game

After a difficult week, I’ve chosen to focus on something positive: a game we played at dinnertime. Me and Wee Girl, taking it in turns to suck up strands of spaghetti as quickly as possible. Lots of laughter and a … Continue reading

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A Long Day Out: Trip to Wimbledon and Deen City Farm

So from a nightmare yesterday to a really lovely family trip out, what a difference a day makes. Despite an awful lot of walking, Wee Girl was smiles and sunshine, nary a grump to be seen. Little Man was less … Continue reading

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Feeling frazzled…

So far your day has not been a good one. It looks like it’s going to be colder so you decide to wear skinny jeans, but when you’re halfway down the road the sun comes out and you realise it’s … Continue reading

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