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Little Man, Big Steps: Watching my Son Grow Up

Sometimes it seems like Little Man is getting bigger every day. At the library he spent a good ten minutes practising walking properly up the steps without holding on to anything. But he’s not quite confident enough to risk going … Continue reading

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Where did the Weekend Go?

Wait, what? Where did the bloody weekend go? I write this feeling knackered. Wee Girl was hard to settle last night — sometimes she gets incredibly keyed up, and just won’t. Go. To. Sleep. Little Man was better, but still … Continue reading

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Starting School for the Disorganised & a Giveaway

Wee Girl starts school in September, and I almost can’t believe it. She still feels like my baby girl, and it’s so strange to think that I’m going to be joining the ranks of school parents, waving her off every … Continue reading

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5 Things my Daughter is Scared of

Autism is a funny old thing. Sometimes I marvel at the strange tracks my daughter’s mind  makes, those times when she laughs at nothing in particular, that delightful infectious laugh that you can’t help but join in with. But then … Continue reading

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A Day-trip to Eastbourne and a Catch-up

I’d been meaning to take the kids on a trip to the beach, and with the temperature on Saturday expected to soar up to 26 degrees, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to wring some fun out of the summer … Continue reading

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The Cookbook Addict: Upcoming Releases

So, you may or may not be aware by now that I have a bit of a thing for cookbooks? I’ve been trying to cut back drastically on the number that I’ve been buying, but it looks like the publishers … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday

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August List Challenge: Day 7 — Blog Goals

Blog Goals To continue to post, if not every day, then at least every other day To make the Tots100 list To dramatically improve my photography skills and start designing and creating professional-looking images and blog-graphics. To upgrade to self-hosted … Continue reading

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August Daily List Challenge: Day 6 — Least Favourite Words

Least Favourite Words The recent and deeply irritating trend of portmanteau names to refer to celebrity couples as if they have become one single unit. It’s extremely annoying and eye-rollingly lazy writing. ‘Muffin top’ and ‘cankles’. Those cute and catchy … Continue reading

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August Daily Challenge: Day 5 – Guilty Pleasures

My Guilty Pleasures 1. Settling down for a slice of homemade cake 2. Trashy TV (ANTM and The Biggest Loser) 3. Timing my visit to the cafe when Little Man is having his nap so that I can have my … Continue reading

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